Simplifying complexity in the power markets.

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Using Automation and Blockchain technology, we reduce operating and transaction costs for large and small generators.


ReWatt Power dramatically increases returns for small to medium sized producers.


A full service solution that helps increase uptime, decrease operational cost, and generate new revenue through access to new markets. 

Our end to end solution uses machine learning and AI to improve operations, and uses blockchain technology to make the validation, verification, and settlement of transactions fast, efficient and transparent. Our network of market participants, from generators to O&M providers to buyers of emissions credits and power helps us provide a seamless experience for power producers, project owners, and other stakeholders.

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Making clean, independent electricity generation more profitable.



ReWatt can help you be more profitable.
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Access new  revenue streams

Generators can be leaving up to 50% of potential revenue on the table. We make sure you get the most out of your site through access to new markets and more revenue from the markets you're already in.

Earn more

Lower CARBON obligations

Jurisdictions across the world are moving to curb CO2 emissions across the board. GHG obligations are quickly becoming one of the largest line items for many organizations. 

Lower your obligations


Improved generation output

Most sites get installed and the only intervention to improve it is if something breaks which means most sites are likely under-performing to their potential. We help you get more out of your project.

Increase output

decrease transaction costs

Confirmations and settlements can be large cost driver for any transaction, generating up to 30% of the cost. We bring that down so that more different type of producers and buyers can interact in all markets.

Lower your costs


Better micro-grid resiliency

Communities and individuals are taking back control of their power production and consumption, specially rural and remote communities. We help make sure that these efforts are resilient and transparent. 

Be more resilient

More effective GHG programs 

Many programs and mechanisms have been deployed at all government levels to mitigate the growing risk of climate change with carbon emissions being an important focus. 

Be more effective


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Customer Streams

>5 MW

Micro Generators

ReWatt's Site Identity and Asset Monitoring Services provide micro generators awareness and insight into their system, giving them the opportunity to make up to 50% more on enviromental attributes.


>100 MW


ReWatt's blockchain technology allows utilities to buy and sell environmental attributes quickly and transparently. Automation and machine learning will provide a more efficient and streamlined verification process. 


5 - 100 MW

Distributed Energy Resources

ReWatt's Asset Monitoring and Optimization tools increase visibility to a DER's fleet, allowing for more efficient operations. Site optimization increases the amount of environmental attributes that can be sold. 



System Operators

ReWatt's blockchain technology will allow Governments and/or System Operators to manage, track, and audit their environmental attributes and initiatives in one place.