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Alex Monegro

  • $300MM+ transformation at TransAlta (Across CA, US, AUS)
  • Executed large-scale technology projects
  • Business transformation in energy, professional services, and higher education


  • Finance and risk controls at large energy firms
  • Executed large-scale technology projects
  • Successful exit of risk management app
  • Fellow with the Energy Futures Lab

Julian Wood

  • SaaS full stack architect and developer
  • CTO at StratPad
  • CTO at EnergyMobile Studios
  • CTO at Mobilesce

Kris Prosser
Sales and Marketing

  • Third generation American entrepreneur
  • Owner operator of a Learjet charter company
  • Client focused success magnet

Tarun Chari

  • Ph.D from Columbia University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • IoT expert at SAIT
  • Research in advance materials for electricity

Kyle Parrotta
Customer success

  • Managed stakeholder sessions in design of AB’s Capacity Market
  • Conducted a Framework Assessment of AB’s electric system
  • Developed business solutions for apps running AB’s electric grid

Rui Pan
Jr. Developer 

  • Master of science in electrical engineering
  • Blockchain developer
  • Information science enthusiast
  • Equally a doer and a thinker

Marc-Andre Fichtel
Jr. Developer  

  • B.Sc. from University of Calgary in Computer Science
  • B.A. from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in North American Studies and Communication Science
  • Hobbyist game developer

daniel garcia
jr. Developer

tega adigu
Sr. Developer

  • Self-taught Front End Developer
  • Master's degree Social Media & Community Management
  • Bsc. Economics
  • Msc Computer Science - University Of Regina
  • Stuff Hacker, Technology Enthusiast
  • Avid follower of the programmers oath 
  • Clean code practicer

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