Disparate equipment doesn’t easily communicate with each other and most solutions require costly new  hardware or software to connect.

  • Hardware vendors attempt to force users to buy all the same brand in order to be able to have elements of the micro-grid interact with each other, leading to suboptimal component purchase decisions
  • Custom solutions have high up-front cost, long implementations, and require ongoing high-cost support from the vendor to operate successfully
  • Connecting hardware and software is expensive and hard to use


ReWatt is developing a micro-grid in a box solution that can be easily maintained and operated by the user, empowering communities to be self-reliant and resilient.

  • We’re hardware agnostic, we can work with most major hardware providers and will create a connection to your equipment when we don’t have it
  • We provide an aggregated view of all sites in a users fleet monitoring and reporting their information every minute 


Ask us about making your community or micro-grid more resilient.

Who we’re working with

  • Northern governments and communities
  • First nations councils and bands
  • Innovative project developer