Jurisdictions across the world are moving to curb CO2 emissions across the board which means CO2 obligations are quickly becoming one of the largest line items for many organizations.

  • Organizations have a large number of emissions drivers to aggregate driving up complexity of tracking and reporting
  • Data complexity generates high cost of auditing and compliance reporting
  • Manual processes inflates time required to make data available to operations so that decisions are not made focusing on how to decrease the overall carbon bill; e.g. if I choose not to do maintenance I only find out the effect of it on the carbon bill at the end of the month, driving undesired behaviours.


ReWatt provides visibility across your carbon supply chain, providing data in near real time so that your operations groups can make decisions that take into account the cost of carbon

  • We come in and map all the processes that impact your carbon bill end to end including physical activities, business processes, and data flows
  • We help automate and structure your data
  • We use blockchain to create an immutable and auditable record that can be quickly verified for compliance


Ask us about how we can lower your carbon bill.

Who we’re working with

  • Large utilities using fossil fuel combustion
  • Large industrial emitters