Many programs and mechanisms have been deployed at all government levels to mitigate the growing risk of climate change with carbon emissions being an important focus. So many in fact that it is challenging to track their effectiveness and impact to know if each dollar deployed is having the right impact.

  •  Successful programs can drive large overhead costs due to high amounts of manual processes involved
  • Only summarizes of the data filters up so that you lose resolution and important details about what’s actually happening
  • Programs are spread across multiple government offices make seeing the whole picture hard due to coordination and data sharing challenges


ReWatt provides governments with tools that allow them to have a real time view of what’s going on with their programs. Our blockchain solutions allow every party involved in a program to share relevant information in real time with full auditability, including clear chain of custody, verification and validation of the information provided and the identity of those involved.

  • Track GHGs in real time from large emitters and validate their data

  • See how many and where are offsets being generated, including  behind the fence details for self-consumption

  • Track billing and settlement of obligations and credits across all market participants